The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Airtel recently released it’s second in a campaign series for ‘Video Calling. They had released the first film in this series a few weeks ago. I would call it the ‘Successful Disaster’. Here’s the film for your quick reference. The Airtel Boss Film Here’s what I believe is wrong (and right) with this film. Unnecessarily […]

Pulse of the market

I am taking reference to the Tamil Nadu Market for this post. Although I am not sure how many readers of this blog belong to this part of the world. But I believe there is a fundamental lesson waiting to be learnt from some very astute marketers. For many, these guys might look like the […]

Social Movements as brands

Building a social movement brand is an awesome experience as well a tiring one. Many such brands have been able to garner unconditional support in the recent past and some have even been able to get a lot of money pledged for the cause. Many times it depends on who is the man (or woman) […]

Be a conversation Creator – Anil Nair (Senior)

So, we have the next interview lined up. Some people may not be able to accept ‘interviews’ in a blogathon. After all, I am supposed to write. Well, interviews are not easy either. It requires work (some, if not hard). The thought of asking a stupid question to a specialist will always play on anyone’s mind. […]

For strong teeth, laugh your heart out!

I just couldn’t help but LMAO when I saw this ad. So I am just planning to do a simple ad review and also probably go a bit behind in trying to understand what the brief would have been! To begin with… watch the ad. Then you will know the reason for my first statement. Here’s […]

Online Advertising 102?

My colleague on this blog Mr. Karthik Kumar had written about how current marketers ‘misuse’ online advertising and hence squander a fantastic opportunity to engage the customer. I follow Mr. Anand Mahindra on Twitter (@anandmahindra), and I would like to share one of his tweets with you. Pardon me Mr. Mahindra for a minor ‘copyright […]

Online Advertising 101

In recent times many advertisers who have been advertising offline are getting online. One would think that hosannas would be called for. Alas, the lack of intelligence on display in advertising online, is a poor advertisement for online advertising! At its worst, this new breed of online advertisers seem to see online advertising as one would a hoarding […]