Marketing Movies

Going back to T Nagar! I used to live in a place called Mambalam Road, which was once an integral part of a thriving industry. Film Hoardings. There used to be two large players in this market with the largest being J P Krishna. Almost every single hoarding in the state for all large banners […]

Social Movements as brands

Building a social movement brand is an awesome experience as well a tiring one. Many such brands have been able to garner unconditional support in the recent past and some have even been able to get a lot of money pledged for the cause. Many times it depends on who is the man (or woman) […]

Be a conversation Creator – Anil Nair (Senior)

So, we have the next interview lined up. Some people may not be able to accept ‘interviews’ in a blogathon. After all, I am supposed to write. Well, interviews are not easy either. It requires work (some, if not hard). The thought of asking a stupid question to a specialist will always play on anyone’s mind. […]

Price Discovery And Web 2.0

Back in 1996, when I was working with Tata Press Limited, I happened to experience my FIRST flight journey. A bit of a background! I was among the top two sales persons in Chennai branch and was selected owing to my knowledge and interest towards printing as a subject. The job was to travel with […]

MTV changed the world? Eat this!

It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes You’re paralyzed ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller […]

Me, my boss & myspace

“Whaaaaa??? You are not on Twitter?” “Nope! I have heard it all the time. Twitter is not just online anymore. I get to read tweets from celebrities on every newspaper”, my boss said looking at me without raising his head. “Yeah! Almost all newspapers have a twitter beat now”, I said with total abandon. Half […]

Online presence – an oxymoron. Look for the written word

Many marketers still suffer from the ‘I want a web presence’ syndrome. They believe that having presence as a website and by advertising in online they have done good to their marketing plans. Alas! Web 2.0 as internet marketers prefer to call it, has a mind of its own. Did I hear “Jabulani”? Web 2.0 […]

The Elephant Gets Its Due

By no means is this a measure! But I find this pattern emerging. After all one of the largest population in the state of California is Indians, and we seem to be pushing them hard! Not just that! Despite poor connectivity, sad (well, almost sad!) state of telecom infrastructure, corrupt polity delaying opening up of […]

Online Advertising 102?

My colleague on this blog Mr. Karthik Kumar had written about how current marketers ‘misuse’ online advertising and hence squander a fantastic opportunity to engage the customer. I follow Mr. Anand Mahindra on Twitter (@anandmahindra), and I would like to share one of his tweets with you. Pardon me Mr. Mahindra for a minor ‘copyright […]

Online Advertising 101

In recent times many advertisers who have been advertising offline are getting online. One would think that hosannas would be called for. Alas, the lack of intelligence on display in advertising online, is a poor advertisement for online advertising! At its worst, this new breed of online advertisers seem to see online advertising as one would a hoarding […]