Rural Marketing – A few learnings

Only when someone is humble enough to say “I don’t know” does (s)he learn. And I am happy to say I don’t know. I am happy that this has helped me learn a bit today. About Rural Marketing! My first brush with Rural Marketing was when I was working with Lintas. A colleague of mine […]

Rural Marketing – where are we headed

A few years ago, a brilliant mind Dr. C K Prahlad wrote a book called ‘Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid’. It wasn’t without a good reason. While it is impossible to write a commentary on Rural markets in India, the genuine attempt is to highlight the importance of focusing on rural India and […]

Online presence – an oxymoron. Look for the written word

Many marketers still suffer from the ‘I want a web presence’ syndrome. They believe that having presence as a website and by advertising in online they have done good to their marketing plans. Alas! Web 2.0 as internet marketers prefer to call it, has a mind of its own. Did I hear “Jabulani”? Web 2.0 […]

It pays to be quick!

It is a very important characteristic in Marketing to be quick when it comes to ‘time to market’. And more often than not, it is one of the most difficult pieces to fall in the jig-saw. I witnessed the chopper flying over the (maxi)Mumbai city with a HUGE (I really mean it kind of huge) […]

If Henry Ford had listened to his customers he would have built a better horse and buggy

Interesting article here on the mundaneness of Mangagement Consultants, courtesy The Economist. The Economist usually has not been known for being pro-consultants. Among other things, two of the journalists in its staff wrote ‘The Witch Doctors’, a highly critical book on consultants and their fallibility. Nonetheless, the article does make sense. I mean what the dickens […]