PR as a function of Marketing – a few experiences

I started off as a sales guy in a Yellow Pages company after a graduation in Physics. Can’t get any confusing right? Okay, I concede. But I have considered myself to be a people person and found a decent foothold in Tata Press Limited selling Yellow Pages space to retail shops across Mount Road in […]

Pester Power – Some views

Around the mid 80s and the early 90s, the liberalization era had not started and there was very little choice when it comes to products and services. We had only one telecom service provider – the government run BSNL / MTNL. So it is not surprising that advertising was very different. Especially the ones targeted […]

Rural Marketing – A few learnings

Only when someone is humble enough to say “I don’t know” does (s)he learn. And I am happy to say I don’t know. I am happy that this has helped me learn a bit today. About Rural Marketing! My first brush with Rural Marketing was when I was working with Lintas. A colleague of mine […]

Why I would love to work with HUL! – Updated

One more time, one more occasion, one more killer activity! Just a few days back, Proctor & Gamble (P&G) started a teaser campaign for its leading Shampoo brand Pantene. Dubbed ‘the mystery shampoo’, it claimed that 80% of women preferred this mystery shampoo over any other shampoo according to some study. Here is the Mystery […]

Tu Tu Mein Mein of Detergent brands

The whole world has talked about it already. Yet another occassion, where I delayed in relaying my comments. Could find at least three significant pieces. Here, here and here. Here are my views: Showing competition is always a relative issue. Unless there is a clear demarcation on why a product is better than another or issued […]

Zoozoo on my Tee! Ahoy!

Read about this yesterday. You can now wear your favourite Zoozoo on your tee! Officially! I am particularly impressed with Vodafone for their ability to adapt to the ‘eastern branding principles’ despite being a very ‘western brand’. I can safely claim to belong to the Kapferer school of thought which hinges on the fact that […]