Me, my boss & myspace

“Whaaaaa??? You are not on Twitter?” “Nope! I have heard it all the time. Twitter is not just online anymore. I get to read tweets from celebrities on every newspaper”, my boss said looking at me without raising his head. “Yeah! Almost all newspapers have a twitter beat now”, I said with total abandon. Half […]

Online presence – an oxymoron. Look for the written word

Many marketers still suffer from the ‘I want a web presence’ syndrome. They believe that having presence as a website and by advertising in online they have done good to their marketing plans. Alas! Web 2.0 as internet marketers prefer to call it, has a mind of its own. Did I hear “Jabulani”? Web 2.0 […]

The Elephant Gets Its Due

By no means is this a measure! But I find this pattern emerging. After all one of the largest population in the state of California is Indians, and we seem to be pushing them hard! Not just that! Despite poor connectivity, sad (well, almost sad!) state of telecom infrastructure, corrupt polity delaying opening up of […]

Facebook is the ‘buzziest’ brand of the year says Afaqs!

Here’s the story on FB being adjudged the buzziest brand of the year both by the jury and by people through a voting mechanism. Congrats FB. Vodafone and Twitter have followed FB as the buzziest brands. Well, this is a sea change from the last year’s list. BTW, sorry Airtel 🙁

It pays to be quick!

It is a very important characteristic in Marketing to be quick when it comes to ‘time to market’. And more often than not, it is one of the most difficult pieces to fall in the jig-saw. I witnessed the chopper flying over the (maxi)Mumbai city with a HUGE (I really mean it kind of huge) […]

Lazy Marketing Worked! :)

I had in my last post chided a financial services organisation for exhibiting some lazy marketing. I have been made to eat my words! 🙂 🙁 I find the phrase ‘aall eeej welll’ across FB & Twitter and it seems to have clicked for them. Well, they seemed to have placed their bet on the […]

Online presence

Many organisations suffer from the ‘I want a website’ syndrome and believe very strongly that having a mere presence as a website and advertising in the online space would do great good to their marketing plans. Alas! That’s not how it’s meant to be. Is this an Indian phenomenon? Or is it devoid of boundaries? […]