Introduction to Marketing – Sessions at ITM

I am currently conducting sessions on ‘Introduction to Marketing’ at ITM for the Executive MBA course. The PPT’s below are the slides I have used there. Credits: I have borrowed content and concepts from Marketing Gurus. I have collated the thoughts, added some of my own and have put together these slides for the sake […]

Yin And Yang

Fortunately for me, Advertising & Brand Building as a subject during my Management Education was taught by a practicing professional rather than an academician. Else, it would have been possible that my view of ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ would probably be the same as many others in this business. I learnt that the western world views […]

Pester Power – Some views

Around the mid 80s and the early 90s, the liberalization era had not started and there was very little choice when it comes to products and services. We had only one telecom service provider – the government run BSNL / MTNL. So it is not surprising that advertising was very different. Especially the ones targeted […]

Rural Marketing – where are we headed

A few years ago, a brilliant mind Dr. C K Prahlad wrote a book called ‘Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid’. It wasn’t without a good reason. While it is impossible to write a commentary on Rural markets in India, the genuine attempt is to highlight the importance of focusing on rural India and […]

Your friendly neighborhood grocer goes techie!

As a young boy, when I was walked by my father down Usman Road in T Nagar (yes we are back there), I used to wonder at the number of shops. Little did I realize that things were about to change so drastically and within my lifetime. The last time I was in Chennai, I […]

Lack of will to accept new ideas?

Here’s the ad in SET MAX for IPL 3.0. View the ad by clicking this link. Just check this Coca-cola ad for Beijing Olympics 2009 here. What do we lack in India? Creativity? Or the will to accept new ideas? This is something which has always been eating my head since my advertising days and […]