Dwaitham and Brand Management

Hinduism – which I believe is a way of life and not a religion – has two very strong concepts. Dwaitham and Adwaitham. To simplify, Adwaitham is the higher goal where one is able to experience God formlessly. Which means that at very high levels of devotion, meditation or any equivalent path, God’s form wouldn’t […]

Pulse of the market

I am taking reference to the Tamil Nadu Market for this post. Although I am not sure how many readers of this blog belong to this part of the world. But I believe there is a fundamental lesson waiting to be learnt from some very astute marketers. For many, these guys might look like the […]

Marketing Movies

Going back to T Nagar! I used to live in a place called Mambalam Road, which was once an integral part of a thriving industry. Film Hoardings. There used to be two large players in this market with the largest being J P Krishna. Almost every single hoarding in the state for all large banners […]

Social Movements as brands

Building a social movement brand is an awesome experience as well a tiring one. Many such brands have been able to garner unconditional support in the recent past and some have even been able to get a lot of money pledged for the cause. Many times it depends on who is the man (or woman) […]

Wake Up Call

Last week was eventful in the Telecom Industry at least from a communication perspective. Two of the largest telecom companies moved their creative agency. Airtel moves from Rediffusion to JWT Reliance moves to Grey Is there a signal? Some observations: Problem 1: Both brands have not had a great ‘last few campaigns’. Personally, I think […]

For strong teeth, laugh your heart out!

I just couldn’t help but LMAO when I saw this ad. So I am just planning to do a simple ad review and also probably go a bit behind in trying to understand what the brief would have been! To begin with… watch the ad. Then you will know the reason for my first statement. Here’s […]

Marketing by the Retail shops in T Nagar

I am not sure how many of you have visited Madras and T Nagar especially. At least the ones that have visited Madras from the north of Vindhyas always talk about visiting Nalli every time they do make it there. It is great for a brand that seldom advertises and has handful of outlets outside […]

Hair Styling – 2010 style

Circa 1985 – The first time I was allowed to go for my hair cut alone in the then quaint Chennai city. I still remember the first experience. Park Hair Dressers in Panagal Park, T Nagar. (Pardon my references to T Nagar & Chennai as often. I was born and brought up there and learnt […]

Lazy Marketing Worked! :)

I had in my last post chided a financial services organisation for exhibiting some lazy marketing. I have been made to eat my words! 🙂 🙁 I find the phrase ‘aall eeej welll’ across FB & Twitter and it seems to have clicked for them. Well, they seemed to have placed their bet on the […]

Lazy marketing – A new high

I have not been a great fan of celebrity endorsements. Some categories lend itself to having celebrities promoting the product. For instance beauty products. Honestly, I can’t figure out the difference between a Fair & Lovely, Neutrogena, Olay etc. I must either be blind or a man, and that I certainly am! 🙂 But here’s […]