Beware – Your competitor is from your category. NOT!

A few years back, while at B-School, I was introduced to management jargon and one of it was ‘Share of Wallet’. To de-jargonize, it means how much of an average human’s share of disposable income will you corner for your company, by making him / her spend on products and brands from your stable. This […]

Steve Jobs – I respect, love, adore and miss you

Do I write a customary RIP? Do I write an Ode? Do I continue crying? Millions and millions of blogposts, commentaries & columns would’ve been written about you, who decided to leave the world a better place than when you transformed into a life form from a mere ordinary ‘fastest sperm’. Just a couple of […]

Who is big? Apple or Steve Jobs?

Disclaimers: I AM AN APPLE FANBOY I adore Steve Jobs and respect all the work he has done I give due credit to all the employees of Apple for their contribution towards iconic creations from that stable! I have never used iPhone (any version). I am a Blackberry boy owing to work & workplace considerations. […]

Online presence – an oxymoron. Look for the written word

Many marketers still suffer from the ‘I want a web presence’ syndrome. They believe that having presence as a website and by advertising in online they have done good to their marketing plans. Alas! Web 2.0 as internet marketers prefer to call it, has a mind of its own. Did I hear “Jabulani”? Web 2.0 […]

An interesting article by Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm in WSJ

Just bumped into this article by Mahesh Murthy (through his twitter handle @maheshmurthy). While the article highlights the importance of what I crudely call as ‘online PR’ with a mix of ‘online marketing’, I would tend to believe that examples like the iPad, Google Wave etc, is possible only for brands which have already been established […]