The War of the Wallet on Afaqs!

My article The War of the Wallet on Afaqs!

Krishna’s Lessons on Brand Management – Afaqs!

Afaqs! – The leading portal for Advertising, Branding & Marketing folks has been kind and published an article that I had written about Brand Management lessons one can get to learn from Lord Krishna. The article can be found here. Do check and give your comments. 🙂

Wake Up Call

Last week was eventful in the Telecom Industry at least from a communication perspective. Two of the largest telecom companies moved their creative agency. Airtel moves from Rediffusion to JWT Reliance moves to Grey Is there a signal? Some observations: Problem 1: Both brands have not had a great ‘last few campaigns’. Personally, I think […]

Pester Power – Some views

Around the mid 80s and the early 90s, the liberalization era had not started and there was very little choice when it comes to products and services. We had only one telecom service provider – the government run BSNL / MTNL. So it is not surprising that advertising was very different. Especially the ones targeted […]

For strong teeth, laugh your heart out!

I just couldn’t help but LMAO when I saw this ad. So I am just planning to do a simple ad review and also probably go a bit behind in trying to understand what the brief would have been! To begin with… watch the ad. Then you will know the reason for my first statement. Here’s […]

Me, my boss & myspace

“Whaaaaa??? You are not on Twitter?” “Nope! I have heard it all the time. Twitter is not just online anymore. I get to read tweets from celebrities on every newspaper”, my boss said looking at me without raising his head. “Yeah! Almost all newspapers have a twitter beat now”, I said with total abandon. Half […]

Hamara Bajaj – not any more!

The mother brand Bajaj may cease to exist. It looks like a season to retire iconic elements from the Bajaj family. Earlier this year, there was an announcement that Bajaj Auto would be ‘retiring’ the famed Scooter. Many our age would remember that the scooter was once a prized possession and people would wait for […]

Tu Tu Mein Mein of Detergent brands

The whole world has talked about it already. Yet another occassion, where I delayed in relaying my comments. Could find at least three significant pieces. Here, here and here. Here are my views: Showing competition is always a relative issue. Unless there is a clear demarcation on why a product is better than another or issued […]

It pays to be quick!

It is a very important characteristic in Marketing to be quick when it comes to ‘time to market’. And more often than not, it is one of the most difficult pieces to fall in the jig-saw. I witnessed the chopper flying over the (maxi)Mumbai city with a HUGE (I really mean it kind of huge) […]

Quick post – a link from Afaqs!

Just read this article on Afaqs. Projects Piyush Pandey in a totally different light. Maybe it is a great PR effort from Ogilvy, but I guess it shows the business side of a person who is considered as a leading creative personality of Indian advertising industry. I particularly liked his taking examples from the cricket world on […]