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Day 2 of #NoWalletChallenge

A very interesting start to my day. I happened to explore a bit and found that there is an option called Ola Share. Used that option to get a Maruti Swift Dzire to pick me up from near my home. The driver was a wonderful guy and I tweeted about it.   #NoWalletChallenge A bit […]

Day 1 of #NoWalletChallenge

The first usage of the Digital Wallet was booking a cab from Ulsoor (my son’s school) to my office. Used Ola app to book a Taxi for Sure cab. It cost me Rs.68 It was actually a quiet day since I spent most of the day at work. The real challenge would have to be […]

The No Wallet Challenge

I just happened to forget my wallet (which is an integral part of every man’s trousers) on Tuesday. When I wanted to go back to fetch it, I was posed a question by my wife as to why I need a wallet. And so it began. I am now trying to live my life without […]

Big Loser – A Social Media Community

An erstwhile ‘Grade II Obese’ man is now within the ‘normal weight range’, thanks (not just) to Twitter. Ok. What is the connection between an Obese Man having reduced to ‘normal weight range’ and social media? Little do we realise the power of community building, cause marketing, social media and a huge mash up of […]

Marketing Strategy – Session II

I had my session on Marketing Strategy for ITM Executive MBA last weekend. Just about found the time to upload the presentation which is available here. My customary word of thanks to all the researchers, theorists, marketing gurus from whom I have learnt and borrowed for the sake of this session and presentation. PPT here. […]

Lecture Session on Marketing Strategy

I have just about started taking classes for a batch of Executive MBA students in Mumbai. The course would be over 6 sessions and today was the first session. I had covered ‘Introduction to Marketing Strategy’ and ‘STP – Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning’. Uploading the presentation here. Hope you find it useful. Thanks to McGraw […]

Lecture Marathon

A good blogger would have put up this post on October 29, 2011. But I think I am a good parent before being a good blogger. Hence the delay 🙂 October 29, 2011 was a fantastically different experience for me. I have given lectures & have taken part in panel discussions before. But this was […]

Post transaction dissonance

I recently attempted to make a purchase on a baby products website It was quite harrowing and hence just felt like documenting it. And also comparing this failed transaction with a competitive website The arrival of #SidNanda (as my 6-month old son is referred to on Twitter) has heralded many changes at home […]

Mobile Number Portability – The great catalyst

I have been an Airtel customer since I don’t remember when! In fact I was using a mobile phone when incoming calls were actually charged! Now that must give an idea of how long in the history of telecom revolution my reference point goes. I must add that I have been exercising infidelity by being […]

Move Over Mark Zuckerberg

I recently came across a book Community Building on the Web: Secret Strategies for Successful Online Communities by Amy Jo Kim. The book lucidly explains some basic tenets that need to be kept in mind while trying to build a community in the online space. Wait! India’s financial capital Mumbai was virtually at a standstill […]