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Blogathon Dates

Having committed myself to a blogathon on Brand Recall¬†wasn’t enough. I have been a bit busy and have not lived up to my commitment to my non-existent readers ūüôĀ So this time¬† around, I am¬†committing to¬†dates. I have been working in the background, but I think I could have done a bit more to ensure […]


I am planning a blogathon. Have not fixed the dates as yet. Some conditions I have laid on myself: There will be one post a day. Decently researched posts. No pfaff There must be a mix of online & offline marketing¬†topics (at least that’s the idea) There must be a mix of Indian and International […]

Religion, Sex & Branding

My professor once made a classic statement and it stuck in my mind. ‚ÄúAlmost any product can be sold if we involve Sex OR Religion OR both‚ÄĚ I happened to believe him. And Indian advertising reiterated that statement way too many times. Many brands in our country have stepped on this path and have been […]

One-Show shortlist!

Check this out. How many of these campaigns have we seen in popular media? I rest my case

Hope Floats… Does it actually?

I had, a little while back, written about spam ads clogging bandwidth during Advertising Awards. I am led to believe that this is an issue dogging not just the Indian Advertising Industry, but the world over. The recently concluded Goa Fest was a victim of scam ads too! The issue has been well documented by […]

Hope Floats

SCAM ADS – A concept invented with the invention of advertising awards! Something that has always plagued the advertising and communications industry for a very long time. Scam ads in the process of winning awards just by releasing in an obscure paper / channel in Assam / Sikkim and winning awards in Mumbai, Goa¬†& Cannes […]