Day 2 of #NoWalletChallenge

A very interesting start to my day. I happened to explore a bit and found that there is an option called Ola Share. Used that option to get a Maruti Swift Dzire to pick me up from near my home. The driver was a wonderful guy and I tweeted about it.


I ended up sharing the ride with a couple of interesting folks. One from the advertising industry and the other – a financial analyst.

The ride cost me Rs.50. But took almost an hour since it was a shared ride and had to wait / fetch the other passengers. Reached office on time however!

I had to make a slight lifestyle change. Had leave a bit early to get the shared ride. If I had left any later, I could’ve been stranded with no cabs! It gets progressively difficult beyond 8.30 am.

During the day, I wanted to explore using PayTM to transfer small cash and make any transactions for requirements without a Digital Wallet. I requested a colleague to get me some snacks using cash and transferred Rs.100 through PayTM. The transaction was virtually instantaneous and the experiment was a success! So gave me a bit more confidence of pulling this through for long!

And then came the evening… and the rains.

Similar set of events. No Ola cabs available. Uber was running at 4x surge and very few cabs in any case!

Ola Autos is a sham. No auto driver accepts rides. They don’t change I guess 🙂

I was virtually stranded. With the option of waiting it out, take Uber at 4x or breaking the challenge, I did what was unthinkable for me as a person!

I flagged down an auto on the road. I was on the verge of giving up. But wanted to give it a good try.

I lied! 🙂

I told him that I have forgotten my wallet and I have to pay him through PayTM or through some other mode. And I offered to recharge his pre-paid mobile!

After a fair bit of nagging and sweet talking the auto driver agreed! Yay!!!!!

Friendly advise for PayTM or for ANY Digital Wallet company. The Auto driver did not have PayTM because he can’t read English. He had a smart phone (Samsung) and he was comfortable using them. But had all his communication in Kannada. PayTM has not reached the masses as yet because it is probably not available in regional languages. If the Digital Wallet companies manage that, then we have a winner!

I recharged two of his mobiles – one DoCoMo and one Airtel Number through my PayTM & Freecharge accounts. And paid him digitally for the ride!

Day 2 was a success after all! Though it involved some pain! 🙂

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