Lecture Marathon

A good blogger would have put up this post on October 29, 2011. But I think I am a good parent before being a good blogger. Hence the delay 🙂

October 29, 2011 was a fantastically different experience for me. I have given lectures & have taken part in panel discussions before. But this was a completely different experience purely owing to the time I had to spend with a bunch of students. At a stretch!

ITM – Institute for Technology & Management is considered amongst the well known institutes for imparting Management Education to working professionals and offers courses on various other subjects including Engineering, Health Sciences, Hospitality Management & Fashion designing. Their Executive MBA is a tie-up with Southern New Hampshire University USA, where the students have an option of completing the course in US if they so will.

I was contacted by their course co-ordinators for a guest lecture as a visiting faculty for Marketing Research. The Cross-Functional Executive MBA batch had myriad experience with students from IT, Finance etc. There was an entrepreneur too.

The purpose of my lecture was to give an overview of Marketing Research as a subject, its functions and uses. The curriculum had to cover the following topics under Marketing Research.

  • Role & Scope of Marketing Research.
  • Marketing Research process & problem definition.
  • Research Designs.
  • Methods & Data Collection.
  • Survey method of data collection.
  • Measurement, scaling & sampling.
  • Design of survey questionnaires.
  • Qualitative v/s Quantitative Research.
  • Methods of Qualitative research.
  • Quantitative Research.
  • Data Interpretation.

Although it was meant to be spread over 2 weekends, the institute felt the need to have it as a marathon session since this was just an overview subject for this batch. I took the challenge of providing an overview in 7 hours!

I am sharing the PPT I made with Marketing Research – by Aaker, Kumar & Dey as reference material.

What did I get out of it?

Honestly, Marketing Research is not my strongest of areas. One could be a good user of research, but executing research is not an easy task. I have worked with research agencies and I know how they operate. The theory behind the subject is not difficult since I have never been out of touch with research owing to work. Challenge was to engage students for the long session. I was expecting to get the kicks of teaching, learning, interacting and gain momentum. The session certainly gave me all that.

Also, it gave me an opportunity to get back to books. It is an awesome feeling to go back to the roots once in a while and force yourself into the learning habit. While you do learn everyday from work, theorizing some of what you’ve learnt practically is a different kick. I was looking forward to that too. The session didn’t fail me in giving me that.

It took me about a week to put together the presentation from the book using various materials provided by the authors and also include learnings from my experiences. I was back to learning! That is the biggest benefit that once can get out of teaching. I honestly feel I know more about Marketing Research than when I did my management because of the blend of theory learnt during campus and the experience of research during work went well together.

It was also a bit of soul searching. I was able to engage students who were not specializing in Marketing (let alone Marketing Research) and was able to keep the session interesting with examples taken from the students themselves! I guess nothing like keeping it impromptu by taking examples from their own experiences. The engagement levels and the session would then be lively.

I realized that I love teaching as a job! It is fun because it keeps you on the ball always. By interacting with students (especially if they are experienced), one gets to learn a lot from them. The learning habit can never die if one is teaching.

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