Steve Jobs – I respect, love, adore and miss you

Do I write a customary RIP?

Do I write an Ode?

Do I continue crying?

Millions and millions of blogposts, commentaries & columns would’ve been written about you, who decided to leave the world a better place than when you transformed into a life form from a mere ordinary ‘fastest sperm’.

Just a couple of days ago, I mentioned that I am an Apple fanboy and rued whether you are bigger than the organisation you had created. I am from the school of thought that everyone in an organisation in dispensible. Thanks for changing that thought. You are not. And you are proof enough that I was wrong and inspiring enough to show that everyone who has the will to achieve, CAN.

I may have never used an iPhone or an iPad, but have always aspired to have one. You inspired me to do things which are the size of mountain (rooting a nook color for instance) just so that I can say it is ‘like an iPad’. Your creations have always been of aspiration value for me and the brand you have created is amongst the best in my mind. As a brand professional, I adore Apple and the marketing finesse that you have brought into peddling what seems innocuously simple but extremely complex creation of tech wizards.

I continue to take inspiration from the way the products you’ve designed, the marketing ideas that you’ve powered and the creative genius that you’ve exhibited.

Never before has a ‘business executive’ achieved a cult status as you have. A totally consumeristic economy like the USA has never been brought to knees with queues lining up on the day of launch the of any product. Never before has USA believed in cults. You made it happen. I respect you for your finesse.

Never before (in my life) have I seen a more inspiring speech than your Stanford address. Never before have I seen anyone so honestly presenting such beautiful thoughts so succinctly and authentically. It was a bit of a let down that you read out from a paper. But proof enough that you have bothered to put to paper thoughts that were really profound, applicable and honest. I adore you for your honesty and simplicity.

Never before have I seen such beautiful simple presentations of a new product like your introduction of the Pods & Pads. I still remember the ‘small pocket in jeans’ that you used for introducing the Nano. Your presentation skills are a lesson to be taught to everyone before stepping into the real world.

Never before have I felt like Ekalavya – to be learning from continuously (both from you and from the brand you’ve created) but never worked with you. If I am allowed to borrow Bill Gates’ words, I would be ‘insanely fortunate’ to work with you side-by-side. Alas! I wasn’t. But hey! That is something half the world would be dying for and would give both their arms for. I am one of them. Simply put… A fanboy!

You will be sorely missed. I must be honest in saying that I have not stalked you like many else would have. But on the same vein, I must also tell you that I have always looked up to you for inspiration, learning and your most oft spoken skill… determination.

And never before have I mourned for someone I have never met, like I did for your passing. I couldn’t control my tears. I cried alone.

I hope, I will join the dots too. And when I do, I will shed one more tear.

In your honour.

Thank you for walking this earth! Let the heavens shine with your prowess!

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