Who is big? Apple or Steve Jobs?


  • I adore Steve Jobs and respect all the work he has done
  • I give due credit to all the employees of Apple for their contribution towards iconic creations from that stable!
  • I have never used iPhone (any version). I am a Blackberry boy owing to work & workplace considerations. The Apple products I’ve used are the iPod & MacBook Pro. Awesome creations.
  • Am a fan of Android after I recently rooted my Nook Color and made it a Tab running on CM7

Searched for ‘Apple iPhone 4S’ (news) just a short while back. This is what I get.

Mixed response to a new product launch. iPhone Fanboys seems to be a disappointed lot this time around. Despite the fact that the liveblog crashed prompting apologies, the latest version of the product hasn’t kicked up the kind of good PR that is so very typical of the iconic product.

Steve Jobs resigned recently.

Is there a connection?

The first product launch after Steve Jobs has resigned has failed to create the positive buzz that the brand is always known for. In fact, Washington Post has called the 4S ‘underwhelming’.

Somewhere in my mind, I am led to believe that Steve Jobs after all WAS greater than Apple itself.

Recent events at Apple have not been very promising. With Steve going on a prolonged medical leave with Tim Cook at the helm of affairs, (with the stock is trading at $400+ levels) and subsequently announcing his retirement / resignation, the organization has suddenly plunged into difficult times. I am sure they had time to put things in place, but it seems like a missed opportunity.

Anything Steve used to do when he was at the top job used to generate a larger buzz. Even his medical condition. So much so, the stock prices used to fluctuate every time he went on a medical leave. Tim Cook certainly had a large shoe to fill and one needs to wait to find if he eventually can.

Apple Stock price movement (courtesy Yahoo Finance). The blue dot was the day of Steve Jobs’ resignation. And the preceding fall was because of the speculation that Steve was hanging up his boots.

It seemed to be picking up well and the market seemed to have digested the fact that Steve is not in great health to manage the company. But the stock is now back to sub 400 levels. And one needs to wait and see how Wall Street reacts to the subtle response to 4S by the critics.

Check the stock price movement in 5 years. Astronomical! From sub 100 levels to $400. Steve Jobs has done what would otherwise be called ‘IMPOSSIBLE’. To produce iconic products is just one thing. To make it a fantastic business proposition and provide such shareholder value is just another.

It may look like I am just viewing this from one side of the mirror. But Apple meant Steve Jobs to many (almost  all). And the fact that 4S has had a lukewarm response from critics just reiterates it.

Steve has had a chequered history in Apple and when he came back to Apple, he became larger than life. He has been in the limelight (for all the right reasons) and his fanclub only increased with the advent of social media. The second line of Apple leadership was almost invisible considering the gigantic stature that Steve had. Mixed results are common given this kind of a scenario. One needs to wait and see if Tim Cook can live up to the reputation of the man he succeeded.

And the result of 4S is not the parameter to judge it. Hopefully this is just a blip.

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