And that’s that?

The previous post technically marks the end of the self imposed discipline of updating this blog everyday. By committing to the readers (do they still exist? 🙂 ) I was under pressure to deliver. It was fun and at the same time a great learning experience.

I think that I have been able to actually read, learn and understand a lot of issues and subjects before posting anything. The pressure was again because I had some senior colleagues from the industry reading these posts. Some learnings:

  • I could have used more images
  • There are some days when the posts didn’t achieve the level of quality that I would have wanted. But still…
  • This forced me to learn about a lot of other categories that I otherwise would not have. Something like an annual exam which we used to dread while in school. So I was under pressure to learn and say the right things
  • I tried different styles. Some were good, some weren’t and some outright pathetic. There were a few who commented about it on FB because they didn’t want to hurt me in public :). Thank you!
  • I tried writing with word limit and still make sense. I am sure I could do with some improvement. Working on it.

I owe some thanks:

  • Anil Nair – He pushed me to write again.
  • My wife – a photographer who doesn’t like blogging 😉 , but still allowed me to take my time on the machine and with books when possible
  • Everyone who commented on my posts (either here or on FB). A special mention to Raza who actually bothered to click images of the Pantene & Dove controversy for this blog.
  • WordPress – The most amazing blogging tool.

This is not the end. Just the beginning. By going through this experience, I think I have realised that I enjoy writing about Brands and Branding as a subject. It may not be every day, but it would certainly be more often than what was history. On that note…

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