Brand India – 63 years old – a review

To begin with wish you all a very Happy Independence Day.

Many entities which have started much after the independence of the country have made it big and have gone international. But from a brand perspective, I just wanted to review where India Stands.

It has been a roller coaster ride for the country and the last 63 years have been nothing less than crazy. The country has progressed and regressed at the same time.

With the Commonwealth fiasco that we are exhibiting to the world India certainly is not building a great image for itself. But there are areas where the Indian brand stands taller than many other countries.

Indian corporate growth has been par excellence. With global corporations acquired by Indian companies, Indians have created a mark for themselves in the corporate world. After all, who would have thought that Jaguar Land Rover would be once owned by an Indian multinational! That and the Corus buy probably showed India has not just software prowess, but also leaders in creating large business corporations.

India has proved itself to be a large enough market for large international corporations to set up shop in the country. With almost every large brand under the sun available here in this country, it is actually not required for the average Indian to visit foreign shores to buy some brands. Today, almost all cars including the hybrid cars that have been launched across the world get launched in India simultaneously. Even Hollywood doesn’t ignore India one bit. Starting Matrix Revolution (part III) almost all large productions in Hollywood gets released simultaneously in India, thus proving the worth of the country!

Indians have also made their mark in building brands. The brand marketing and business strategy world has had many stalwarts from India. The late C K Prahlad was a name to reckon with in the world of business Strategy and there are names which are today revered amongst business world. Prof. Mohanbir Sawhney is amongst the top 25 influential people when it comes to technology marketing and is with Kellogs School of Management.

Another area where India has scored very high and still does a great job of it is promoting India as a tourist destination. The Indian culture is a highly intriguing for people across the world and the tourism department has done a fantastic job of promoting the country. However, the brand moment of truth – when the tourists do visit the country – doesn’t leave them with a great experience many times. The latest internal campaign taken up by the Tourism Department doesn’t seem to have a great effect on people here.

There may be a million reasons why India may not be a great place to be associated with. Terrorism, corruption, living conditions, pollution etc may be great deterrents but India as a brand, Indian Brands and Indian Branding and Marketing personnel have made their mark across the world.

One more are where India and Indians should feel proud about!

Jai Hind!

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