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I had in my previous post committed that I will discuss positioning statement and the way it can morph for different stakeholders.

I am trying my best to live up to this commitment. Just a disclaimer! As a policy I don’t write about the category I work for. And since I am attempting a category I have never worked for, I expect this to be challenging. So if there are errors, please do highlight.

BMW – Bayerische Motoren Werke


BMW - Yum

The hallmark of German engineering, BMW is a brand that I admire a lot. Despite the early alleged Nazi connections, BMW as a brand has been able to shake it off and still prove to be amongst the top automobile manufacturers in the world.

Let us take a look at their brand positioning statement: SHEER DRIVING PLEASURE.

Close your eyes and imagine sitting behind the wheel of a BMW. You can see the blue and white roundel logo on the steering wheel. You are now cruising on a highway at a speed of 200 kmph and all you can hear inside is the mild music that you have played on the music system.

Now open your eyes and read this line again: SHEER DRIVING PLEASURE.

The Driving Pleasure

BMW Driving Pleasure

Okay! I have made the point. You are a consumer (or a potential consumer) and all that BMW wants to leave you with is the ultimate driving experience. The joy of making that travel by yourself. The fun in sharing this experience. The happiness in driving. The delight of stepping on the gas. The ecstasy in reaching that top speed again.

This brand is JOY. The PLEASURE. The ELATION in the act of driving.

All that you have read till now is for you as a consumer.

Cut to the PR World now. Please read these reports:

Hindu Business Line
Business Wire India
The Hindu

I can see it screaming on my face that BMW is a luxury car. A couple of more reports:

Business Standard Motoring
India Today

Another key message that I get is that they are the largest in the luxury car segment.

What has the positioning been to say, the journalists?

I would tend to believe that the positioning statement for the journalists is: “A successful luxury car company” or better still, “The number 1 luxury car company in India”.

While the reader of the message (the consumer) gets reinforced on one more different facet about the brand viz., STABILITY.

Because a luxury car is an expensive proposition and is an involved purchase decision, there is a fair bit of importance given to the stability of the organization that sells the vehicle. So, by reinforcing on a regular basis that BMW is the number 1 luxury car company in India, the brand is just cementing its place in the consumer’s mind.

Why should a brand do that?

A consumer buys it for a stated benefit. It could be the ultimate driving pleasure (BMW), but the journalist is interested in understanding the stability of the company and the business it has achieved. By proving the stability, the brand is passing a subtle message to the consumer that they are dealing with a stable entity.

So, YOU as a customer are left with:

Here’s BMW – a car that is a sheer pleasure to drive, a joy to own and is from a stable company.

Isn’t that a winning proposition?


JOY of travel

And I wanted to leave you with JOY. And don’t forget to search for GINA. 🙂 Happy driving.

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