Your friendly neighborhood grocer goes techie!

As a young boy, when I was walked by my father down Usman Road in T Nagar (yes we are back there), I used to wonder at the number of shops. Little did I realize that things were about to change so drastically and within my lifetime.

The last time I was in Chennai, I tried to walk through the same road out of nostalgia. Unfortunately, there was none of it. The place looks, feels, smells very different from what it used to be.

Shops were large, spacious and less crowded, but we bought less.

Today, the stores are supposedly large, but you still have to jostle for space before choosing what you want. The variety is much more than what used to be, but there is hardly any time to choose. The decision making has become that much more difficult.

But let us just stick to the market place without philosophizing.

Clearly we have come a long way from where we were. Let us take retail stores as an example.

I remember days when I went to the nearby ‘Kirana Store’, gave him a list of things required for the entire month and he used to deliver the goods at home and take cash (yes, cash only). That was how one used to buy provisions for home. Today we call it organized retail. We have Big Bazaar, Hypercity, Spencers, More and many others in the retail segment selling the same set of goods albeit with many other facilities. You can munch your pop corn while picking up things you need and a lot of things you don’t and at the counter, you pay by credit card. Yes. We have evolved a lot from where we were.

And a bit evolved does that over the internet. You go to a site like Big Bazaar and make the purchases online and it gets delivered home. No pain. You can buy almost anything you want online. Courtesy Web 2.0. The system allows you to select the brand, and make your purchase online so that you can get your monthly shopping done without having to step out.

The next in line is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Your next generation refrigerator will come with RFID facility. This would make your job one step easier and you… one bit more lazier. The facility or the technology allows the refrigerator to inform your regular grocery store that the Coca-cola in your refrigerator is fully consumed and needs a refill. So the next time your grocery guy makes a delivery he just adds a bottle of it for your refrigerator.

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