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So, we have the next interview lined up. Some people may not be able to accept ‘interviews’ in a blogathon. After all, I am supposed to write. Well, interviews are not easy either. It requires work (some, if not hard). The thought of asking a stupid question to a specialist will always play on anyone’s mind. I am no different. And I hope I have not popped any wrong ones on this gentleman here! He certainly is one of the most inspirational persons I have met in a long time.

Anil Nair

Anil Nair (Senior)

Mr. Anil Nair,  CEO & Managing Partner at Law & Kenneth India. Little introduction needed for people in the advertising and marketing industry. About 6 years back, Law & Kenneth (L&K) was considered to be a boutique agency. Today they are considered to be amongst the largest! A good part of that credit must go to this gent who was kind enough to answer a few questions for this blogathon. In fact, he is one of the inspirations for me to have started this writing attempt. Thanks Senior (as we all call him) for both pushing me to write again and for answering these questions!

  1. With more and more clients looking towards the online medium, how do you think the amalgamation will happen between offline campaigns and online campaigns?
    It will happen simply because the effectiveness of separate campaigns for offline and online will stop yielding results. The only way ahead is media neutral conversations with consumers and this needs a total rethinking among marketing practitioners. Putting the TVC on Youtube or making a banner of the press ads are not what I mean by amalgamation here.
  2. In this world of instant gratification, how do you think brands should mould themselves to be relevant? Especially in mainstream media.
    Move away from disruption to dialogue. Be ready to build relationships. Be honest and be brave.
  3. How have brands been reacting to the sudden influx of online tools? Do they change their strategy or do you see a gap?
    I really can’t generalize this but very few brands have understood the role or opportunity of personal digital media like mobile internet. So they are currently being led by techno minded online experts who confuse the hell out of brand custodians by techno jargons and irrelevant applications. Many of them follow the herd and get lost in the virtual space. I have met few marketers who are really excited by the results that these online campaigns delivered.
  4. How has Rural Marketing and advertising for the rural consumers changed? Is it still required to have specific campaigns for them or have they – in your opinion – been able to consume the campaigns which happen nationally with specific targets towards cities. Your views would be highly relevant in the telecom and FMCG sectors for example.
    Advertising guys always had this holier than thou approach when it comes to our brethren from hinterlands. Look at Bollywood! Do they make rural cinema and urban cinema? Brands have to make a choice about who they wish to have a relationship with. And once they do that they need to speak to the consumer in a tone and manner which is relevant irrespective of where they come from.  Am sure brands like Micromax and Bingo has managed to do that. The real problem is that most creative guys are creating communication to prove a point/impress the fellow creative crowd. The only thing marketers need to keep in mind is that they use the correct media to reach the rural consumers.
  5. We have recently seen a large advertising organization group all its services under a roof (like the good old days!). Have we already come a full circle? Do you think the agency business will be re-cast again with being 360-degree approach rather than have specialists like we currently do?
    The future belongs to ‘media neutral, idea driven, fearlessly innovative, conversation creators’. The so called integrated or specialist groups have no clue on the Tsunami which is headed their way. The days of 360 degree big idea roll outs are over. The future is about participative, culturally relevant conversations at real time. Tell many how many brands or agencies are ready for a feedback from the consumer 2 hours from the time they have launched it. How open are they to listen to feedback and respond. It’s the end of the marketing as we knew it and thank god for that!

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