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The Elephant Gets Its Due

By no means is this a measure! But I find this pattern emerging. After all one of the largest population in the state of California is Indians, and we seem to be pushing them hard! Not just that! Despite poor connectivity, sad (well, almost sad!) state of telecom infrastructure, corrupt polity delaying opening up of […]

Getting out of the fish market

I read this guest article on afaqs! by Mr.Kishore Chakraborti of McCann. I believe that this is a fantastic way to introduce branding. It certainly is a good read in terms of simplicity, lucidness and presentation. Kudos Kishoreda!

Lack of will to accept new ideas?

Here’s the ad in SET MAX for IPL 3.0. View the ad by clicking this link. Just check this Coca-cola ad for Beijing Olympics 2009 here. What do we lack in India? Creativity? Or the will to accept new ideas? This is something which has always been eating my head since my advertising days and […]

Religion, Sex & Branding

My professor once made a classic statement and it stuck in my mind. “Almost any product can be sold if we involve Sex OR Religion OR both” I happened to believe him. And Indian advertising reiterated that statement way too many times. Many brands in our country have stepped on this path and have been […]

Tu Tu Mein Mein of Detergent brands

The whole world has talked about it already. Yet another occassion, where I delayed in relaying my comments. Could find at least three significant pieces. Here, here and here. Here are my views: Showing competition is always a relative issue. Unless there is a clear demarcation on why a product is better than another or issued […]